Important Documents

                         Here you can store your important documents and utilize them whenever ,where ever member want. this fascility here streamlines your document management processes.

                         Our secure document management lets you store and organize documents online and access them from no matter where you are. You can share documents online and collaborate on them with colleagues, customers and partners.


Here you can add your Association Videos.

Events and Programs

                         Just about every organization, large or small, requires the ability to effectively plan and organize events, company meetings, celebrations, trade shows, and so much more.

                         Therefore My Association Portal comes with this fascility to give you, your team members and even their clients a convenient, centralized place where they can collaborate to share such information.

  • One-time SMS

    This feature allows you to select a particular group/area, where all the members under that will be selected automatically. Then, Message/SMS you want to send will go to everyone of them—at one time.

  • News Broadcast

    As the word says, you can use it to broadcast one message to all. Let there be 10,000 members in your database, it doesn’t matter, and the message will be sent to all at 1 click.

  • The Google Feature

    Just like in Google, when you start typing a word, you get its references, in the same way, if you want details of a particular person, all you have to do is, start typing his/her name or mobile number and you will get all related details- at the click of a finger.
    This is our own ‘Magnet Search’.

  • Set Once, Forget Later

    This is our Auto –Renewal Message Sending feature. Under this, you have to set any important dates for particular people/area, and then just leave it. SMS sent automatically to selected person, before 1 month, 15 days and 7 days. Using NO renewal work is missed. As you want to set dates for license renewal, income-tax payment or any other work,. Set the date, and 1 month prior to that date, you/the people you have sent it to will get notifications. Set it once. Forget it. Till the date comes. NO TENSION.

  • Address Filtration and SMS

    This simply means that you can send messages to any one area by selecting them, and the message will not go to any other area.

  • Employee Management

    Employee Registration with details, Salary maintenance, accounts, will be taken into account under this feature.

  • Vendor Management

    Vendor Contacts details, Proposal, Quotations, Payment, all vendor details maintained using this feature.

  • Fund Management

    Manage your accounts/finance simply with us. All the debit/credit accounts are maintained with this feature. With dates, the person given to, the amount, everything is tallied and kept with this feature. Fund Management is the Key and Most important Topic in any Association, which we manage very well.
    It’s easy-to use too.

  • Donation Management

    As the word says, it will aid you with keeping tabs on donations coming from various quarters of the country.
    All details—address, name of the person who has donated, amount etc.

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Complete functionality

Share calendars, send mailings, collaborate in spaces, keep track of your members via member administration and share knowledge via wikis. Just a small summary of everything MyAssociation has to offer!

Native Language Support

Easy navigation, mobile optimized and a simple user interface makes MyAssociation an efficient tool to use. The app currently supports both the English and Marathi language, ideal for a multilingual environment!

Secure and Sober

Our permission system ensures that members can only access functions and information you want them to see. On top of that, the connection to the app is secured via SSL.

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